806 Relay

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The 806 Relay was designed to fulfill a specific need for a over bed latching relay that would operate from a mains power supply and trigger with an isolated low voltage momentary pulse.

The 806 relays are fitted into a grey PVC case 55 x 40 x 30 mm. They may be mounted inside light fittings using self tapping screws and terminated at a 3 way mains terminal strip. The input wire is a low voltage cat 5 style cable terminated at the relays input wires. The relays comprise a printed circuit board with all components soldered. There are no user serviceable components inside.


Power requirements Mains active and Neutral at a quiescent current of 10 milliamps.
Output: Active switched by mechanical relay contacts, rated at 1Amp 240 VAC.
Input: A momentary trigger signal of 12 volts (nominal ) which will supply 10 milliamps. Polarity is not important.
Input is optically isolated from mains.

Output: By three way pluggable terminal strip
Inputs: Are by two way pluggable terminal strip. Polarity is unimportant.

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