804 Relay 12 Volt

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The 804 is intended to switch overbed luminaries in Hospital environments by interfacing to the
Patient handset contacts.  It comprises an electronic latching circuit that switches a mechanical
relay to achieve reliable, interference free switching of Overbed lights including CFL and
Flourescent luminaires.


Size 51 x 30 x 25 mm
Case PVC (electrical fire resistant test)
Mounting Flanges on 60mm centres

Electrical Switching
Mains Connection
Pluggable Screw Connector 2 way (supplied)
Rating 1.0 Amp (contacts 10 Amp resistive)
Voltage 240 VAC mains must be installed in accordance with AS3000

Input connections Pluggable Screw Connector 3 way (supplied)
Trigger Momentary
Trigger type Factory set – user changeable Positive or Negative
Trigger Polarity Negative or Positive by NO contacts
Trigger Current 10mA Pulse 200mS minimum
Retrigger time minimum 800mS between triggers
DC voltage Nominal 12 or 24 volt
DC Current (ON) 43mA for 12 volt – 22mA for 24 volt
DC Current (Off) 6.5 mA for 12 volt – 5mA for 24 volt

Energex Queensland NATA Lab. Test report 02/AL/174 Registration Number Q03405

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