Vayrotec Pty Ltd manufacture a range of Relays specifically for the Hospital industry. We have been improving these since 1996 and they are refined products. The several different types cover all known applications in Patient Overbed Light switching requirements. All offer Galvanic isolation and Mains switching capability. All are approved products.
We manufacture a range of devices that control the speed of motors driving fans for the HVAC industry. The range covers manual control and 0 – 10 volt automated control. These products have proved popular and reliable for many years. Many are used during building commissioning to correct imbalances in air supply.
Much of our work is specialized for specific companies. An example is the Controller and Power unit for an Opening Louvred Roof.The roofs use one or more 12 volt motors and a power unit is required with manual control buttons to open and close, plus a rain sensor to automatically close the louvers in the event of rain.We have been supplying various versions of these units for over 15 years.

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525k Speed Controller
525k Speed Controller

Model 525K Motor Speed Controller

The 525K is a Phase controller intended to control motors driving fans or pumps where the reduced torque available from the motor is balanced by the fan power requirements providing a reduced fan speed. The controller will speed control Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) motors and some Shaded Pole Motors driving fan or similar loads. This controller will not control an unloaded motor. It is not suitable for motors driving conveyor belts or any variable load. It is not suitable for motors with centrifugally switched capacitors. The device has two wires that are connected in series with the load (either way round). It will operate correctly in either the Phase or Neutral line. In some applications the controller provides best results in series with the RUN winding only, leaving the START winding at full mains potential. This appears worth trying if magneto-strictive hum is a problem. For use with multi-speed motors, the controller will operate on any speed winding, but each situation may require selection to find the minimum magneto-strictive hum. The controller should be physically located close to the motor to minimise radiation of Electro Magnetic Interference EMI. The minimum speed adjustment must be set with the main control fully anticlockwise (minimum speed) The motor must be able to start from rest at the minimum setting to eliminate the possibility of a stall situation where motors could burn out through stall and consequent lack of cooling air.


12.5 Amps
Phase controller Designed for motors up to 1200 Watts driving fan loads.
Robust Diecast Alloy case
115mm x 50mm x 55mm (inc. heatsink)
6.35mm dia. control shaft 15mm long
Minimum speed adjustment screw 6.35mm
Spade earth terminal
Flying leads V105 30/025 blue

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806 Relay
806 Relay

The 806 Relay was designed to fulfill a specific need for a over bed latching relay that would operate from a mains power supply and trigger with an isolated low voltage momentary pulse.

The 806 relays are fitted into a grey PVC case 55 x 40 x 30 mm. They may be mounted inside light fittings using self tapping screws and terminated at a 3 way mains terminal strip. The input wire is a low voltage cat 5 style cable terminated at the relays input wires. The relays comprise a printed circuit board with all components soldered. There are no user serviceable components inside.


Power requirements Mains active and Neutral at a quiescent current of 10 milliamps.
Output: Active switched by mechanical relay contacts, rated at 1Amp 240 VAC.
Input: A momentary trigger signal of 12 volts (nominal ) which will supply 10 milliamps. Polarity is not important.
Input is optically isolated from mains.

Output: By three way pluggable terminal strip
Inputs: Are by two way pluggable terminal strip. Polarity is unimportant.

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804 Relay 12 Volt
804 Relay 12 Volt

The 804 is intended to switch overbed luminaries in Hospital environments by interfacing to the
Patient handset contacts.  It comprises an electronic latching circuit that switches a mechanical
relay to achieve reliable, interference free switching of Overbed lights including CFL and
Flourescent luminaires.


Size 51 x 30 x 25 mm
Case PVC (electrical fire resistant test)
Mounting Flanges on 60mm centres

Electrical Switching
Mains Connection
Pluggable Screw Connector 2 way (supplied)
Rating 1.0 Amp (contacts 10 Amp resistive)
Voltage 240 VAC mains must be installed in accordance with AS3000

Input connections Pluggable Screw Connector 3 way (supplied)
Trigger Momentary
Trigger type Factory set – user changeable Positive or Negative
Trigger Polarity Negative or Positive by NO contacts
Trigger Current 10mA Pulse 200mS minimum
Retrigger time minimum 800mS between triggers
DC voltage Nominal 12 or 24 volt
DC Current (ON) 43mA for 12 volt – 22mA for 24 volt
DC Current (Off) 6.5 mA for 12 volt – 5mA for 24 volt

Energex Queensland NATA Lab. Test report 02/AL/174 Registration Number Q03405

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